I thought it might be helpful to users (and stockholders) to know what we're changing before we actually do. Below is a list of things we will be changing by the end of Q2 2009, in no particular order.

  • Reorganize the user profile. The blocks make it too cramped.
  • Reorganize the User CP. The menu makes it too cramped.
  • Find a better use for the "Upcoming Releases" space. This info is not something we need to be reminded every time the page loads.
  • Integrate the Events forum into the wiki. Feed this info into the calendar.
  • Install vBulletin 4.0 and spread the semantic layout to our other mods.
  • Put the header back on top. The float doesn't work on mobile devices.
  • Rewrite the newsletter to reflect individual user interests, and reinstate the newsletter.
  • Finish username histories.
  • Improve the Top Posters page with bar graphs.
  • Completely remove the Downloads forums.
  • Remove remaining vbPlaza code. Hide celbos until another use is implemented.
  • Fix Members Area downloading for Internet Explorer.
  • Eliminate the loading message.

On the Admin side there are a few changes we would like to make:
  • Create an interface for administrating users with product licenses.
  • Create an automatic interface for tracking revenue streams.

These items are in the Web Site project and can individually be tracked there. This will correspond to CES 7.0.