At the start of the Duel Monsters Tournament 2, these cards will first be available.

Participants in the tournament can try their luck with booster packs for $1.00 per pack. The packs will contain a list of 21 cards - 15 commons, 4 rares, 1 super rare, and 1 ultra or secret rare. Players can select any of these cards to be manufactured for an additional fee of $0.25 per card.

Another option is available for participants who know exactly what cards they want and would rather pay a flat fee for the manufacture of individual cards. Common cards manufactured in this way would cost $0.50, rares $1.00, super rares $2.00, ultra rares $4.00, and secret rares $8.00.

A number of the cards for this tournament are not available in the First Edition print of the set and are only available via the second option or later during the tournament in booster packs once all first edition packs have been distributed.

Certain Secret Rare cards will be awarded to all entrants, quarter-finalists, semi-finalists, and finalists.